- John, can I kiss you?
- What?



Sherlock + curious silence whenever people form assumptions about him and john as a couple

because he doesn’t want to say no but he can’t say yes


Madame Tussauds Unveil New Wax Figure Of Benedict Cumberbatch

Happy 38th Birthday Andrew Scott (October 21st 1976)

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Weddings - not really my thing.

I’ll be fine, they’ll probably just put me back on iron pills again. Thanks though. :)

surgery got cancelled obviously that’s just my luck

turns out i have very bad anaemia again so they sent me back home with needle marks on my arms and a fashionable bracelet very heroin chic

inthemud replied to your post: okay i’m leaving for the hospital tomo…

good luck pickle!!!!!!!!!!

*squeezes pala*

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okay i’m leaving for the hospital tomorrow morning, surgery is tuesday, will be bringing my laptop but don’t even know if i’m allowed to use it there, anyway might not be here in a while, but i rarely am anyway so, might be bored out of my mind by tomorrow night tho so maybe i’ll see you then, otherwise see you in like a week probably